PastelStartup - App / SaaS Framer template (themes store)


PastelStartup is a Framer template designed for Apps & SaaS products. The design is bright, fun and uses gradients, coloured shadows, pastel graphics, a serif + cursive fonts combination for a slick and sophisticated look ✨

PastelStartup can be used as a one pager (+ blog), or developed into a multi page website by using the already designed components. The template includes the following:

🏠 Home page with the following main sections & components:

  • Navbar - sliding away to allow breathing room & not create extra clutter, and reappearing on scroll up to help ease the navigation when needed

  • Return to top arrow - helps the user go back to top easily when scrolling past the first section on any page (a must in one pager websites)

  • Header section - containing the tagline and first paragraph along with a carousel for "Used by" or "Features in" logos as well as a spot for "Award" badges

  • Features sections - where you can dive into each feature more and help potential users understand all that the app can do.

  • Pricing section - containing monthly vs yearly discounted pricing

  • Testimonials slider

  • FAQs section - with an accordion design for easy navigation

  • Footer

🗞️ Blog page with dynamic CMS & newsletter signup form (integrates with one single ID field into Mailchimp, Loops, FormsSpark, Get waitlist)

📰 Individual article page

📝 Terms & Conditions page


All the pages are responsive & designed in 3 breakpoints (desktop, tablet, and mobile) and have an A page speed score .

No coding or designing required, simply add your own content and you are ready to go 🚀

🎨 Easy to update colours, fonts & repetitive items - updating in the assets section / as a component applies the changes everywhere on the site 🪄

Free upgrades for potential template improvements in the future.

Created by 🎨

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