BVBBLZ - Framer template for bold & cutting edge apps (themes store)


BVBBLZ is a Framer template designed for bold apps in cutting edge sectors like AI, FinTech, Fitness, Web3 etc.

The design for the website is bold and vibrant, making use of metallic finishes for accent text as well accent boxes, along with bright graphics used to draw the eye towards the contrasting glassmorphism buttons. Smooth animations are used to create an interactive & memorable experience leading the user to download your revolutionary app ✨

BVBBLZ can be used as a one pager (+ blog), or developed into a multi page website by using the already designed components. The template includes the following:

🏠 Home page with the following main sections & components:

  • 2 x Navbar - the main navbar slides away to allow breathing room for the bold layout & not create extra clutter, and a secondary navbar appears on scroll up to help ease the navigation when needed, then slides away when the user doesn't need it anymore.

  • Return to top arrow - helps the user go back to top easily when scrolling past the first section on any page (a must in one pager websites)

  • Header section - containing floating devices, carousel of logos and first CTA

  • Pop-up with QR code - can be used for desktop only instead of the regular links, for easy access to the right link on your phone (when accessing the site through desktop)

  • Accent boxes - emphasise & re-iterate key aspects of the app

  • 2 x Features section - where you can dive into each feature more and help potential users understand all that the app can do. The sections can be used together as well as individually, depending on the amount of features you wish to display

  • Featured testimonial & testimonial slider

  • Pricing section - containing monthly vs yearly discounted pricing

  • Footer - with huge scrolling logo, quick links & newsletter signup form (integrates with one single ID field into Mailchimp, Loops, FormsSpark and Get waitlist)

🗞️ Blog page with dynamic CMS & newsletter signup form

📰 Individual article page

📝 Terms page with in page navigation to get the the relevant sections easily


All the pages are responsive & designed in 3 breakpoints (desktop, tablet, and mobile) and have an A page speed score .

No coding or designing required, simply add your own content and you are ready to go 🚀

🎨 Easy to update colours, fonts & repetitive items - updating in the assets section / as a component applies the changes everywhere on the site 🪄

Free upgrades for potential template improvements in the future.

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